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How do I get started?

Just submit your song in the form of a .wav/mp3 file, soundcloud link, voice memo or lyric sheet, pick a demo or production package, fill out the form. You will hear back from us within 24 hrs for a FREE consultation about your song.

Can I still request a demo if I only have lyrics?

Yes! Just submit your lyric document file in the form. We can help you find a melody and build your song from there.

How do I pay?

We take payment from all major credit companies, PayPal, Venmo and CashApp.

When should I expect to receive my finished demo/song?

Our turnaround time for demo packages is within business 7-10 days. For pro package it can take 4-6 weeks depending on the level of production needed.

Can I make edits before receiving my completed demo/song?

Yes! We are working together with you to create this song. We will have a chat with you before production to get the intricate details about your song. However, if you have any ideas or changes you may want during the process, feel free to contact us. Once the production is finished you will receive a sample track for feedback or questions/concerns. At this time you can ask for any edits or changes you may want in the song as well. However, do keep in mind that if there are any major changes to be made to your song it may delay the completion of your demo. Any additional edits that need to made will be at an extra cost of $75/hr.

What is your Refund/Return Policy?

There is a 50% deposit to start production that is non-refundable. Once the production is finished you will receive a sample track for feedback or questions/concerns. At this time you can ask for any edits or changes you may want in the song. Once the song is finished all deposits are final.

Can I sing on my own tracks?

Yes! We primarily do the musical production of the song. If you want to do your own vocals you will have to find a studio in your area or use your home studio equipment to record your vocals. To have them placed in the finished production you will need to send us the studio recording of your vocals to have them mixed into the track. If you are in the NYC region, you can contact us and we can help you find a studio to record your vocals.

How can I contact if I have any questions?

You can reach us by messaging us on our Instagram or Facebook pages @makemydemoproductions, our email:, or call us at (929) 269-3533. If you call, please leave a voicemail stating your name and question/concern and we will get back to you within 24 hrs.

Can I submit my song for a consultation?

Yes! You can fill out the order request form and submit your song. We will contact you within 24 hrs for a FREE 15 min cosultation. Payment is not due until after your consultation. Otherwise, feel free to contact us via our Facebook of Instagram pages @makemydemoproductions, our email, or call us at (929) 269-3533 for any other questions. We are glad to assist you in deciding which option is best for you at this time.

What's the process from the start of my order to completion of production?

Step 1. Select a demo package and fill out the free consultation request form, you will get a confirmation email. Step 2. We will contact you within 24 hrs, via your preferred contact method(s), for your FREE 15 min consultation and gather the details of your order. Step 3. A 50% (NON-REFUNDABLE) deposit is due to start production of your song. Step 4. Your song will be produced by one of our producers. During the production process, feel free to contact us if you have any questions/concerns or changes. We will also contact you if we have any questions. Step 5. Once initial production is complete, we will provide you with a sample track to listen to. At this time if there are any edits needed to be made you can request for changes. Step 6. In order to receive the full completed track you will need to pay the remaining 50% due. Step 7. Enjoy and share with the world!

What does Make My Demo do?

We put the music to your song ideas. We provide you with professional music studio services using our network of talented producers, musicians and singers in order to produce your song. Once your song is completed, it is ready to be used for pitching to record companies, publishers and/or artists, sharing with family or friends, or for releasing commercially.

When is payment due?

A 50% deposit is due to start production of your song. This isn't due until after you receive your FREE 15 min complimentary call and we have discussed the details of your song via phone, text or email. Once production is complete, the remaining 50% is due to receive your completed track.

Programme complet : 

Objectif de la formation : 

• Donner les prescriptions de sécurité électrique conformément aux décrets N°2010-1118 du 22 Septembre 2010  

• Etre capable de mettre en œuvre les consignes de sécurité prévues par NF C18 510  

• Identifier les dangers de l’électricité, analyser le risque électrique et intégrer la prévention dans l’organisation du travail  

• Appliquer les mesures de prévention et les instructions de l’employeur  

• Identifier la conduite à tenir en cas d’accident ou d’incendie d’origine électrique

Déroulement de la formation :

Temps : 7h de formation par jour, soit entre 10,5h et 21h au total.

Public ciblé

Électricien, agent ou technicien de maintenance, installateur ou dépanneur, etc..


• Apprenants : maîtriser les savoirs de base (lecture, écriture, calcul…)

• Techniques et organisationnels : nous consulter pour toute formation à organiser sur votre site.

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